Lancôme DreamTone - The skin tone of your dreams even without make-up

New DreamTone, the first pigmentation corrector which targets dark spots, uniformity, and colour irregularities. 3 formulas according to your skintone, for a tailor made action. So efficient that 68% of women would dare to bare their skin.*

Lancome Dreamtone

A truly beautiful complexion is without marks or blemishes, is perfectly even, and radiates health. It is completely free from imperfections, and this type of skin is one that women are happy to show make-up free. 

Always pushing at the boundaries of beauty science Lancôme's research team embarked on a study of 10,000 women across 19 countries to find out how they perceive their own skin tone. Clinical observations during these studies allowed them to identify three major pigmentation profiles:

123 skintones

Consists essentially of fair skins, whose major specific concern is a tendency to redness.

Includes medium skins, whose specific colour disorder is a tendancy towards a sallow skin.

Is made up of dark skins that tend to show blemish marks.

With the discovery of ever more sophisticated research tools, Lancôme's scientific Researchers have been able to take to the next level their study of skin tone and the causes of pigmentary disorders. Armed with their findings, the Research team has developed Triple Action Technology. A new approach, containing for the first time a core of actives developed to target in their entirety melanocytes and mélanotope - the principal causes of pigmentation disorders.

This unique, all-round correction technology, Triple Action Technology, comes in three made-to-measure formulas. The goal: to meet the specific needs of these three different pigment profiles. Dark spots, unevenness and irregularities in specific skin tones. It treats all skin tone deficiencies of the complexion. Its power lies in an incredible formulation that combines a unique core of shared active ingredients with specific actives for each pigmentation profile. This biological approach is augmented by sophisticated optical agents, adapted to each of the three profiles which beautify the skin and deliver an improved complexion immediately.

Dreamtone serum

Lancôme DreamTone


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