Find Your Style

Simply select your face shape to fit yourself up with the most flattering pair of sunglasses...

Round face

Round Face:

Your face: is short and fairly wide with full cheeks and a round chin.

Looks good: enlongated frames with high set sides or frames with detail near the temples to slim the face.

Steer clear: small and round or very large styles that will make your face look rounder.

Oval Face:

Your face: is well balanced and softly rounded with a slightly wider forehead, narrower jaw and high cheekbones.

Looks good: in just about any frame but try angular or modern aviators.

Oval face

heart shaped face

Heart-Shaped Face:

Your face: has a broad forehead with a small, neat mouth and chin.

Looks good: delicate round or square frames with low sides.

Steer clear: styles that are wide at the top or that sit high on your face.

Square Face:

Your face: is strong and angular or short and wide with a broad forehead, wide jaw and a square chin.

Looks good: round and oval frames that sit high on the face to soften the jawline.

Steer clear: square shaped frames

Square face

triangular face

Triangular Face:

Your face: has a narrow forehead with a broad jaw and chin.

Looks good: bold detail and wide shapes.

Steer clear: small, narrow frames.

Some other handy hints...

  • Your eyes should sit in the centre of each lens
  • Your eyebrow shouldn’t be visible above the frame
  • Pale skin tones suit cool colours such as silver, white or black while warmer skin stones suit vibrant colours such as orange, pink and gold.

And don't forget our helpful World Duty Free Assistants are always on hand to give you any advice you need when choosing frames.