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Hana no Fukuhama

Hana no Fukuhara

Fragrance Artist

The third son of Shiseido founder Arinobu Fukuhara, Shinzo was an accomplished photographer and a man of great artistic sensibility. As Shiseido's first president, he helped shift the company from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, blending the Japanese holistic approach with technology and science.

"For sight, there is painting.

For hearing, there is music.

For touch, there is sculpture.

But what is there for smell?

I want to elevate fragrance

into a work of art."

Shinzo Fukuhara

Shiseido First President (1883 - 1948)

In 1917 Shiseido launched the first authentic fragrances in Japan. Until then, perfumes in Japan were either imports or poorly made copies. Shinzo Fukuhara was the first to develop original fragrances from Japanese flowers and to pioneer a new approach to fragrance: perfume as art. He created perfumes based on concepts, emotions and images, not just ingredients. The idea that a perfume could evoke an image or tell a story was unheard of in Japan until that time. In 1934 he based his perfume 'Snow Fairy' on a story about a snow princess, and created a pure, mysterious, totally new fragrance experience.

Under Fukuhara, Shiseido developed over 50 varieties of floral perfume, so many that contemporary journalists referred to Shinzo as "Hana no Fukuhara" (floral fragrance artist). Hana is the Japanese word for both "flower" and "nose", the term for a fragrance expert.

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Shiseido, Zen Secret Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense in time for the holiday season. This rare event will be both a stirring tribute to the past and a exciting gateway to the future.

Zen Secret Bloom is a Floral Chypre fragrance created by renowned Master Perfumer Michel Almairac. He said "I wanted to create an intense and mysterious fragrance, using contrasts to enhance and magnify each key ingredient." The fragrance is based on captivating contrast between floral freshness and mysterious warmth.

Golden flowers, a blend of precious Jasmine Absolute and transparent freesia. A breath of freshness, sparkling light and femininity. Patchouli, incense and a hint of black vanilla add a refined sensuality and enduring mystery.

Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom

Shiseido, Zen Secret Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense is available now at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Birmingham Airports, priced at £46.00 for 50ml.

Shiseido 140 Year Anniversary